At Capt'n Crunch we have trained professionals to assess and grade all types of steel including ferrous and non-ferrous metals, batteries, catalytic converters, and much more.  Prices are not listed as they frequently change with the market. Prices for each commodity are available by calling the scales office.
Competitive Rates

Capt'n Crunch is committed to contributing to a greener society, so we will not be accepting household garbage, furniture and blue bag recycling. We will continue to accept all Metals including ferrous, non-ferrous and cars as well tires off rim and on rim. We will also accept construction debris as we are able to process it on our sorting system and recycle the majority of the materials. We also accept green waste, wood waste,  and concrete.

We accept most types of waste which include:
  1. Green waste
  2. Demo & roofing debris​
  3. Wood waste
  4. Insulation
  5. Dirt​
  6. Tires
  7. Campers
  8. Concrete

Our Services Include:

 ​​Family owned and operated since 1971


We accept most materials except for oil, paint, chemicals and PCB containing ballasts. We also are not accepting Household garbage, Furniture and Blue bag Recycling.  

Capt'n Crunch offers competitive rates on bin services for demolition waste, green waste, wood waste and metal.  With a wide variety of heavy equipment, there is no job too big for Capt'n Crunch! From demolitions to Wood chip sales we do it all. Call the office for more information.

At this time we will be shifting our priorities away from our auto-wrecking division. We will still be accepting scrap cars for Recycling.
Years of Experience 
Capt'n Crunch offers competitive rates on bin delivery for waste, demolition debris and metal. Call the office to speak with our friendly scale staff for more information.​
SCALE OFFICE: (604)852-1296

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